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Kunwarji Traders are extremely specialized in manufacturing of Masjeed Takhats, doors and windows, bethak, kathera and customized wood work.
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virtue of kunwarji traders

Over the years we have kept on introducing the latest products, and now it has become a benchmark for others to achieve. Our approach to business has always been creative, innovative and humane.


Wood drying refers to reducing the moisture content of wood prior to its use. It is the process of reducing its moisture contents to an average equilibrium with the atmospheric conditions of the locality of use. It is done so that when in use the further dimensional change that is contraction and expansion due to seasonal changes is kept to a minimum.

Advantages of wood drying:

  • Enhances the strength properties.
  • Makes easy and ensures better results in wood working, machining,        finishing and gluing. Paints and finishes last longer on dry timber.
  • Nails, screws, and glue hold better in seasoned wood.
  • Minimizes the decay, fungal attack, larval attack and other such  damages.
  • Minimizes other seasonal defects such as warping, bowing, cracks etc.
  • Ensures more dimensional stability. Enables substantial long-term
    economy in utilization by minimizing replacement.
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kunwarji traders butt jointing, wood work, kiln seasoning, wood carving, finger jointing or comb jointing, doors, takhat, bethak, customized work, wooden work, wooden house, kunwarji traders, kunwarji traders indore, kunwarji traders indore india


Kiln seasoning is drying of timber by keeping it in closed chamber in controlled temperature, RH and air circulation environment. In Kiln, the timber is stacked in closed chambers where the equipments are fitted to manipulate and control temperature and relative humidity of drying air, its circulation through the timber stack. The drying is faster, precise and better than air seasoning. Kiln seasoning enables wood to be dried to any desired moisture content regardless of weather conditions. It normally takes 2-5 weeks for wood drying in kiln. Almost all commercial timbers of the world are dried in industrial kilns.


Finger jointing results in much higher quality and stronger pieces and components, while dramatically reducing waste in our industry where the cost of raw materials is rapidly increasing.
If the joint is cut accurately the ‘fingers should fit together without any gaps and the glue ensures that they are virtually indestructible.
Strength – Finger joint lumber is as strong as, or stronger than conventional dimension lumber;
Assume a wooden pencil, break it in 2 parts! Oh yes that’s easy. It breaks. But now try breaking those two smaller parts. Not that easy. This is how Finger Joint works. When smaller wooden panels are joined through interlocking system, the tensile strength increases by 2.5 times.
Stability – Warping and twisting is significantly minimized;
Straightness – Each piece is straight and true, as any bow or crook is absorbed in the joint;
Quality Control – Rigorous assurance controls ensure that the joints are tested for strength, water resistance and conformance to standards
Consistency – It’s made from small pieces of high quality wood ensuring the end product is always of consistent premium quality.

kunwarji traders finger jointing
kunwarji traders butt jointing


After the small wooden panels are joined through Finger Joints in a vertical format, Butt Joints are used to join woods in a horizontal form.
Butt Joint – One piece of wood is butted up against another, then fixed in place with glue and clamped in a neumatic high pressure clamper .
It overcomes the limitation of size of wood available. Hence any size of wood can be developed with the help of Butt Jointing. Also only seasoned wood is taken for the Butt Joints therefore includes all the benefits of highly seasoned woods. Which ensures in high level of control over expansion and conrtraction of woods. It also results in higher strength properties, leads to better results in wood working, machining and finishing. Drastically minimizes decay, fungal attacks and ensures better dimensional stability, Minimizes other seasonal defects such as warping, bending, cracks etc.
For further enhancement of strength in wood especially for high density wood (above 30mm thickness), we incorporate multiple metal enforcements.

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